Biosphere Reserve "Katunskiy"


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Katunskiy Biosphere Reserve Object of the World Natural Heritage of UNESCO

Altai Mountains are the most surprising place on our planet where the nature still amazes of its wildness, and ancient barrows, stone sculptures and magic signs on rocks stores the secrets of ancient civilizations.

Having visited us during the nearest season (on February, 15 - on March, 15; on June, 15 - on September, 15) or in any other season under the preliminary arrangement you presume:

  • to get acquainted with the nature of reserve
  • to learn about nature conservation and management in this region
  • to touch the culture of Altaic and old-believers (ancient Russian culture)
  • to see marals – a subspecies of deer
  • to visit apiaries in upper reaches of Katun river
  • to test yourself in extreme conditions of the wild nature
  • to fishing in the mountain rivers and lakes

In addition we suggest:

  • economic planning of an intensification of an agricultural production under condition of observance of ecological norms of wildlife management.
  • research works connected to ecological aspects of wildlife management.

How to get to us
The address of reserve:
State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Katunskiy".
1, Zapovednaya st., Ust-Koksa, Republic Altai, 649490 Russia.
Tel/fax: (388848) 22946 E-mail:
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